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This site is dedicated solely to those who own Long Term Care insurance policies from one of the John Hancock insurance companies, and is designed to provide a place for members of this community to share with each other.

The main part of this site contains the John Hancock Long Term Care User Forum. You are invited to participate and share with us!

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At least as of November 2011, there are several links listed on the John Hancock page that are no longer valid. Here are valid links to the articles:

Kiplinger’s “New Insurance Plans for the Long Term”: 2010 (this file has been loaded to our site for easy reference).
Chicago Sun Times "Consider Long-Term Care Insurance Now": 2009
Chicago Sun Times "Make a Gift of Long-Term Care": 2009

If you are an employee of any John Hancock company or affiliated with any John Hancock company other than by owning a Long Term Care insurance policy from John Hancock, you may post messages on the forum, but you must identify yourself and your affiliation at the start of each message. You must also indicate whether your message is your personal message or an official message from a John Hancock company or affiliate.